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Intentional Branding - client - Ronda Renee

“My business has doubled since creating my brand expression with Colleen. And, having a solid and clear brand has made it possible to license my intellectual property to other coaches, many of whom also now make over six figures.”

—Ronda Renée
Colorado, US

Intentional Branding - client - Geoff Laughton

“I had my first $25,000 month during the launch of my new brand and it began a multi-year trend of my business growing 30%, year over year. Colleen has become an indispensable part of my team and my life.”

—Geoff Laughton
Colorado, US

Intentional Branding - client - Aimee Phlegar

“Now, because I have consistent messaging and visibility, I am seen as an expert and I consistently attract the right clients to my business. I’ve gone from making $6k per year to consistently six figures since elevating my brand.”

—Aimee Phlegar
Alabama, US

Hello & Welcome!

I’m happy you’re here! I’m Colleen Davis, founder and leader of Intentional Visibility. With a legacy spanning 25 years, we’ve mastered the art of crafting impactful brands.

We support experts and entrepreneurs to show up as the undeniable authority in their field. And many of our small service-based professional, consulting, and coaching clients go on to double, triple (and more!) their income. 

The magic lies in our approach — a fusion of brand essence, strategic messaging, and captivating visuals. We bridge the gap between who you are and how you’re perceived… and position your business in a way that makes you the DEFINITIVE CHOICE!

Intentional Branding - About Colleen Davis - creative brand strategist

How We Help

Intentional Visibility services - brand strategy, branding, logos, brand vip day


Diving deep into your Brand Essence and IT Factor, we map your positioning, messaging, and creative direction… ensuring every facet resonates with your unique identity.

Intentional Visibility - process - creation


Tailoring your logo and visual identity to meet your needs, we focus on elevating your brand. Each design element is carefully selected to affirm your status as an Industry Leader.

Intentional Visibility - services Intentional Social - Level 1 - Essential


Extending your brand’s REACH, we craft a cohesive website and social presence that captivates at every touchpoint. From content to design to production… We’ve Got You!

Brand Essence: Persona-Based Branding

Whether you’re just getting started or have an established business, the key to creating a bigger impact and making more money is REACHING and CONNECTING with more of your people. And the easiest path is to create a brand that speaks DIRECTLY to them.

Using Brand Essence, simply stated, means creating an authentic and strategic persona for your business. It means giving your brand values, opinions, personality, voice. By making your business more HUMAN, you’ll naturally and easily stand out and attract your ideal clients … and stop wasting time on those who are not a good fit.

You’ll have more confidence and will be positioned as THE CHOICE. And the great news? You can work with Brand Essence at ANY level of business… and whether you have a logo and a website or NOT!