Shaping Visionaries Into Icons

Elevating Ambitious Leaders to Distinction Through Strategic Brand Mastery

We’ve Been Building Brands Since 1998

At Intentional Visibility, we craft authentic brands that resonate deeply and speak volumes. Our boutique agency specializes in elevating experts and entrepreneurs into undeniable authorities in their fields.

Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of each client’s unique journey and aspirations. By combining strategy, experience, and intuition, we unlock the full potential of your brand, ensuring it not only stands out but also stands for something significant. From initial concept to final execution, our comprehensive suite of services is designed to encompass every facet of brand building — ensuring that your vision is not just realized but revered.

With a Blend of Strategic Insight and Creative Intuition, We Ensure Your Brand Essence Is Not Just Seen… But Felt.

Some of Our Clients

Our clients are visionaries, leaders, and change-makers across diverse industries… from financial services to business coaching, from technology to wellness, and from bodywork to real estate. The common thread among them has been their commitment to making an impact and their readiness for a quantum leap in their business. 

Intentional Branding - client - Susan Elford

“Having a cohesive, consistent brand has positioned me to effectively attract and connect with my ideal clients consistently. The other thing I love about this brand I created with Colleen all those years ago is that it continues to grow with my business as my business expands and grows.”

—Susan Elford
Alberta, Canada

Intentional Branding - client - Lynn Rose

“Colleen made me look like a superstar! I was THRILLED with the results and everyone who has seen the work she did for me shares how it so beautifully captured my essence and what I offer.”

—Lynn Rose
California, US

Intentional Visibility client - Steve Bloom, Pragmatek

“The visuals are clean and speak to the benefits we offer our clients. The tagline, messaging, and content are right on target. All of this means easier sales for our team. Colleen offered expert advice, brought in the right team, and managed everything so we could focus on what we do best.”

—Steve Bloom
Minnesota, US

Intentional Branding - About Colleen Davis - creative brand strategist

Crafting Visionary Brands

Colleen Davis is the visionary founder of Intentional Visibility, where she has been elevating brands since 1998. Her personalized approach is not just about crafting authentic brands; it’s about deeply understanding and expressing each client’s vision.

With a unique blend of strategic insight and creative intuition, Colleen has guided hundreds of entrepreneurs and experts in reinventing their brands, ensuring their brands are not only seen but truly felt.