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Now that we’ve had a chance to virtually meet and you’ve had a glimpse into my approach… if you’re ready to align your brand with the success you’ve achieved and elevate your success even further, I invite you to apply below. Our tailored, DONE-FOR-YOU programs are designed to meet your unique needs — ensuring that your vision is not just realized but revered.

Let’s skip the sales copy. Instead, I invite you to read about successful entrepreneurs like you who have taken their brands to the next level with our partnership. Here are their stories…

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Intentional Branding - client - Ronda Renee

“My business has doubled since creating my brand expression with Colleen. And, having a solid and clear brand has made it possible to license my intellectual property to other coaches, many of whom also now make over six figures.”

—Ronda Renée
Colorado, US

Intentional Branding - client - Geoff Laughton

“I had my first $25,000 month during the launch of my new brand and it began a multi-year trend of my business growing 30%, year over year. Colleen has become an indispensable part of my team and my life.”

—Geoff Laughton
Colorado, US

Intentional Branding - client - Aimee Phlegar

“Now, because I have consistent messaging and visibility, I am seen as an expert and I consistently attract the right clients to my business. I’ve gone from making $6k per year to consistently six figures since elevating my brand.”

—Aimee Phlegar
Alabama, US

Intentional Branding - client - Susan Elford

“Having a cohesive, consistent brand has positioned me to effectively attract and connect with my ideal clients consistently. The other thing I love about this brand I created with Colleen all those years ago is that it continues to grow with my business as my business expands and grows.”

—Susan Elford
Alberta, Canada

Intentional Branding - client - Lynn Rose

“Colleen made me look like a superstar! I was THRILLED with the results and everyone who has seen the work she did for me shares how it so beautifully captured my essence and what I offer.”

—Lynn Rose
California, US

Intentional Visibility client - Steve Bloom, Pragmatek

“The visuals are clean and speak to the benefits we offer our clients. The tagline, messaging, and content are right on target. All of this means easier sales for our team. Colleen offered expert advice, brought in the right team, and managed everything so we could focus on what we do best.”

—Steve Bloom
Minnesota, US

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Intentional Visibility client - Carla Rutt Bainbridge

“Intentional Visibility always does an incredible job for us, whether it’s elevating our online presence, creating content that effectively communicates with our target market, or determining new ways to reach our ideal clients. That’s why we’ve been working with Colleen since 2013.”

—Carla Rutt Bainbridge
Minnesota, US

Intentional Branding - client - Susan Mason-Apps

“Colleen helped me present my work in a way that is accurate and conveys who I am and what I offer in a way that is beautiful and aligned — and attracts my ideal clients. I am stepping into myself with confidence and clarity — made possible by Colleen’s creative magic!”

—Susan Mason-Apps
Toronto, Canada

Intentional Visibility - client - Sue Donnellan, BodyVerde.com / AskMomParenting.com

“I feel very grateful to have found Intentional Visibility. I appreciate how Colleen and her team care about their work and more importantly, how they show an ongoing interest in my business. I have found a true partnership experience that any business owner or team would benefit from.”

—Sue Donnellan
Idaho, US

Intentional Branding - client - Lisa Manyon

“I chose to invest in working with Colleen because she understands all facets of branding. It’s rare to find this combination of skill sets in one person. I highly recommend hiring Intentional Visibility when you’re ready for a refresh or a new start. Having a second set of expert eyes on your project is invaluable.”

—Lisa Manyon
Oregon, US

Intentional Branding - client - Pauline Greenidge

“I reached out to Intentional Visibility because my website felt too generic and wasn’t accurately conveying my services and offers. I wanted clearer messaging around how I help teams and individuals thrive in this new and changing world of work. If you’re looking to up your game, Colleen is responsive, flexible, smart, and fun to work with.”

—Pauline Greenidge
Alberta, Canada

Intentional Visibility client - Jeff Jones

“Colleen ‘got’ me and my business and goals — and helped me go from an idea to a powerful visual and verbal representation that perfectly communicates what I’m up to. If you want to work with someone who takes time to understand you, your business, and your clients and provides top-notch work… I don’t know of anyone comparable.”

—Jeff Jones
Colorado, US

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Intentional Branding - client - Joanna Shakti

“After 10 years in business, I wanted to bring forward a powerful visual reflection of my company and my work. Colleen turned the invisible into the visible in a way that inspires me, my team, and my customers. She just gets it … she listens, she feels, and she turns your vision into reality.”

—Joanna Shakti
Colorado, US

Intentional Branding - client - Susan Mason-Apps

“After 20 years in business, I decided to reinvent a whole new profession. Colleen listened, paid attention to all my idiosyncrasies, and brought peace from all the pieces running around in my head. She genuinely cares about me and my business. And now I have new clients as a Crisis Navigation Partner™!”

—Debra Woog
Massachusetts, US

Intentional Branding client - Korina Felkers

“Colleen is the perfect combination of creative and practical. I feel validated and confident in the way I show up now. Colleen’s ability to help someone see themselves clearly sets her apart from anyone in branding… all heart-centered entrepreneurs need to hire her!”

—Korina Felkers
Colorado, US

Intentional Branding - client - Shastine Fischer

“Essence is everything and Colleen was able to visualize that for me. She tapped into what I was feeling and trying to express, not necessarily what I was vocalizing. I am very particular and specific about what I present to the world — and Colleen delivered.”

—Shastine Fischer
Alberta, Canada

Intentional Branding client - Linda Drevenstedt

“Colleen was able to take what was in my head and bring it to life. She’s easy to work with, asks the right questions, and translates what I am trying to achieve into something that works for me and my business! Colleen is professional, has great instincts and really knows image/brand development.”

—Linda Drevenstedt
California, US

Intentional Visibility client - Rosalie Wood, Office Goddess Virtual Business Solutions

“Colleen shows you how important it is for your personal brand to be aligned with who you are, who your clients are, and what you do. I feel better defined in my business and understand how to truly relate to those I serve. I highly recommend Colleen as a true brand magician! She is amazing.”

—Rosalie Wood
Alberta, Canada

apply now to see if you qualify

Your Brand’s Next Level Awaits

Branding transcends mere visuals; it embodies the essence and perception of your business, creating deep connections with your community and beyond. I’m Colleen Davis, and for over two decades, I’ve been dedicated to transforming brands into icons.

By integrating the core of your brand with strategic positioning and compelling visuals, we don’t just enhance your image — we position you as the definitive choice, ensuring your brand mirrors your success and propels you to further success.

Intentional Visibility - From Unseen to Unforgettable - Colleen Davis, visibility strategist

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