Elevate Your Impact

A Holistic Approach to Transforming Your Brand’s Strategy, Expression, and Presence

Transform Your Brand. Transform Your Future.

Our meticulously designed three-step process empowers successful experts and entrepreneurs to become industry leaders. From laying the strategic foundation during your VIP Day to the dynamic visual and verbal expression of your brand to your beautiful and effective new online presence… we tailor our services to project your unique vision and values into the marketplace.

Step 1: Brand Strategy

Starting with a VIP Day dedicated to you and your business, we lay the foundation for your brand’s future success. This comprehensive process begins before we meet — we conduct a detailed brand audit and competitive analysis. We then define your brand positioning, pinpoint your differentiation, and brand story/manifesto. We can even assist with naming and tagline development if needed. This phase ensures your brand is perfectly poised to stand out in your market.

Step 2: Brand Expression

This is where your brand’s visual and narrative identity comes to life. This includes the creation of a cohesive brand identity, the selection of colors and fonts, the development of your logo, and high-level messaging. It’s about crafting a visual and verbal language that embodies your brand’s essence, communicates effectively, and resonates deeply with your audience.

Step 3: Brand Presence

Now that we have your verbal and visual language established, we focus on making your brand visible and engaging across all digital platforms. This includes content creation, UX website design and production, social media visibility strategy, and lead magnet content and design. It’s about building a compelling online presence that positions you as an industry leader and captivates and converts your ideal clients.

Brand Support

Our Brand Support services provide ongoing assistance to keep your brand relevant. From brand extensions like program logos, marketing collateral updates, and personal branding to social media posts and brand management. Plus, our brand consulting/coaching ensures that you continue to navigate your brand’s journey with expert guidance.

Intentional Branding - client - Joanna Shakti

“After 10 years in business, I wanted to bring forward a powerful visual reflection of my company and my work. Colleen turned the invisible into the visible in a way that inspires me, my team, and my customers. She just gets it … she listens, she feels, and she turns your vision into reality.”

—Joanna Shakti
Colorado, US

Intentional Branding - client - Susan Mason-Apps

“After 20 years in business, I decided to reinvent a whole new profession. Colleen listened, paid attention to all my idiosyncrasies, and brought peace from all the pieces running around in my head. She genuinely cares about me and my business. And now I have new clients as a Crisis Navigation Partner™!”

—Debra Woog
Massachusetts, US

Intentional Branding client - Korina Felkers

“Colleen is the perfect combination of creative and practical. I feel validated and confident in the way I show up now. Colleen’s ability to help someone see themselves clearly sets her apart from anyone in branding… all heart-centered entrepreneurs need to hire her!”

—Korina Felkers
Colorado, US