Use Your Brand Essence to Stand Out and Captivate Clients

A 2-Part Masterclass for Conscious Entrepreneurs Who Want to Make a Positive Impact (in lives — and in their bank account)

June 16 – 17 | noon-1:30p ET / 9-10:30a PT




Brand Essence Will Enhance Your Brand, Wherever You Are in Your Business Journey

“WHO” Your BRAND is Matters.

You’ll Learn HOW TO:

  • Assess Your Current Brand Authority
  • Discover Your Unique Brand Essence so You Clearly Stand Out From the Rest
  • Find Your Authentic Brand Voice & Visuals to Differentiate You and Your Business
  • Be Unforgettable by Being More YOU, so Your Prospects and Clients Want More of YOU
  • Attract More Aligned Clients and Partners with Ease
  • Access Your Full Brand Potential so Your Business Expands and Your Revenue Consistently Flows

NOTE: There will be time for questions and to get specific feedback about YOUR brand. 

Past Participant Raves

“Thank you for helping me to discover my brand essence, so that I can more easily attract my ideal clients.”

—Tami, Illinois

“Knowing who my brand is, has helped me to be clear and concise. I am so much more aligned in my business!”

—Susan, Toronto

“This class really enhanced my creativity and got me excited about creating my business.”

—Karen, Texas

Branding is the difference between being THE choice and being an option. Whether you’re just starting out or you have an established business, the key to creating a bigger impact and making more money is reaching and connecting with your ideal clients.

Create a Relatable & Profitable Brand

Intentional Branding - About Colleen Davis - creative brand strategist

Hi, I’m Colleen Davis. I’m the founder and award-winning creative brand strategist at Intentional Branding. Over the past two decades, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses to help them create a market-leading, spot-on brand presence.

I am highly creative and intuitive. My SUPERPOWER is stepping into the shoes of YOUR clients. That means that your brand reflects your business’ superpower, connects with your clients, and builds your business.

Utilizing my proprietary branding process, Brand Essence:™ Persona-Based Branding, we’ll find and cultivate YOUR distinctive brand expression (message/visuals), to build your brand recognition, credibility and value.

I see you. It’s time the world does, too!™

Want your ticket?

 The “Use Your Brand Essence to Stand Out and Captivate Clients” Masterclass has a value of $297 — and it’s FREE with your All-Access Pass to the Unseen to Unforgettable Summit! (and it’s just $47)