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Colleen Davis is a branding and visibility expert with over two decades of experience. She started her agency in 1998, and specializes in transforming small businesses through powerful branding strategies. Using her signature process, Colleen helps you get clear about who your brand is and then creates a visual expression that captivates your ideal clients.

Colleen’s comprehensive approach encompasses brand essence, market positioning, messaging, and visuals. Her belief is clear… Branding isn’t about being an option; it’s about becoming the definitive choice.

Whether through private client collaborations, group programs, or dynamic presentations, Colleen empowers individuals and businesses to embark on a truly transformational journey… turning unseen brands into unforgettable ones.

Workshops and Talks

Colleen Davis is a Visibility Strategist, Content Creator, UX Designer, Brand Manager, Teacher/Speaker, and Founder of Brand Essence: Persona-Based Branding. She’s available (in-person or virtual) for media interviews, podcasts, summits, meetings, workshops, and conferences. Colleen is also available to write guest blog posts and articles for your website or publications.

These are her specialty topics: 

Creating Brand Intelligence: Mastering AI Magic for an Unforgettable You

Tapping into AI technology doesn’t have to feel inauthentic. Colleen reveals how to seamlessly infuse AI with your unique essence to amplify your brand’s impact, create compelling messaging, and supercharge your business growth. Spend less time on the mundane, and more time on what truly matters — your clients, your business, and most of all, the LIFE YOU LOVE.

The Brand-Marketing Dance: Creating Unforgettable Visibility for Business Success

Discover the fundamentals of brand-marketing harmony — and how to tap into your brand essence to implement aligned marketing that will position you as the definitive authority and create a lasting impression with your audience. Colleen illustrates how to create an unforgettable brand AND marketing that sets you apart!

From Unseen to Unforgettable: Harnessing Brand Essence for Business Growth

Whether a new entrepreneur or a seasoned expert, the key to greater impact and revenue rests in creating emotional connections. At the core of your brand, Brand Essence transforms your business into a magnet for your ideal clients, establishing you as the preferred choice. Colleen showcases this transformational power… and how it works, whether you have a logo and a website or not!

Each topic can be covered in a variety of formats, from a 20-minute overview to a 2+-hour interactive workshop. We are also happy to work with you to customize a presentation for your audience. 



“This was very helpful. Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into sharing these gems.”

— Susan, Ohio / US


“Knowing my brand essence has helped me to be clear and concise. I am so much more aligned in my business!”

— Susan, Toronto / Canada


“Your insight is unparalleled. The way you are able to quickly identify client avatars and the best branding to attract them is top notch.”

— Terrie, Colorado / US


“Wow. It’s already changing how I think about myself and my products. I woke up this morning with better imagery and verbiage.”

— Kelly, Oregon / US


“Thank you. I learned a lot about how to purposely build my brand to attract my ideal clients.”

— Tami, Illinois / US


“Your class was very valuable and I learned so much. You’re the best. Thank you, Colleen!”

— Rhonda, Kentucky / US


“This class really enhanced my creativity and got me excited about creating my business.”

— Karen, Texas / US

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