Divine Navigation

Ronda Renée, founder of Divine Navigation® and creator of the Divine Coordinates® process, has led countless people to success. A Spiritual Coach and Spiritual Business Coach, Ronda guides business leaders and individuals to the extraordinary life their Soul has in store for them.

Intentional Visibility began working with Divine Navigation in 2014. Since that time, we have not only continued work on her brand expansion; we’ve also partnered with her on many projects for her clients (you’ll see some of them in our portfolio).

Project Involvement:
  • rebranding
  • logo design
  • brand extensions logo design
  • website (original) design/ production
  • images for new site
  • book cover design
  • journal cover design
  • marketing collateral design
  • social media images
Intentional Branding - client - Divine Navigation
Intentional Branding - client testimonial - Divine Navigation

“I just cannot hide my enthusiasm! Over the past 18 months, I have worked with several designers to attempt to get all of the ‘elements’ of Divine Navigation (the process) into one logo. Others thought it couldn’t be done — and I was beginning to doubt it myself. But Colleen was able to do it — and she absolutely knocked it out of the ballpark! One amazingly elegant image that incorporates all of the foundational elements that are so crucial to convey. My business has doubled since creating my brand expression with Intentional Visibility. And, having a solid and clear brand has made it possible to license my intellectual property to other coaches, many of whom also now make over six figures. I am eternally grateful!”

—Ronda Renée / Divine Navigation
Colorado, U.S. / DivineNavigation.com

Intentional Branding - portfolio - Divine Navigation
Intentional Branding - portfolio - Divine Navigation
Intentional Branding - portfolio - Divine Navigation

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