With a culture built on trust and respect, Pragmatek is a leading IFS Services Partner and Management Consulting firm. They provide ERP technology and business process improvement in Manufacturing and Distribution Operations, Supply Chain, Field Service Management, and a variety of other IFS-supported business functions.

Intentional Visibility initially worked with the Pragmatek team in 2013, when we helped them rebrand and create a new website. In 2023, they came back to ask us to update their website content and design to refresh the look and reflect some service changes made in the business.

Project Involvement:
  • rebranding
  • tagline creation
  • creative strategy
  • logo design
  • brand messaging
  • website/ content strategy
  • website content creation and editing
  • website design/ production
  • collateral design
  • social media images
  • project management
Intentional Branding - client testimonial - Pragmatek

“We couldn’t be happier with our decision to hire Intentional Visibility for rebranding our company in 2013 — and then again in 2023 to update our website. The visuals are clean and speak to the benefits we offer our clients. The tagline, messaging, and site content are right on target. All of this means easier sales for our team. Colleen is a true pro — she is strategic, creative, and a terrific project manager. She offered expert advice, brought in the right team, and managed everything so we could focus on what we do best. The entire process was efficient and seamless. She has my highest recommendation.”

—Steve Bloom / Pragmatek
Minnesota, U.S. /

Intentional Branding - portfolio - BodyVerde
Intentional Branding - portfolio - Pragmatek

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