Susan Elford

Intentional Visibility began working with Susan in 2015. She works with career-minded, business-loving women to create more satisfying lives, businesses & careers.

When we started our work, Susan was running a successful public relations business and was in the process of starting her coaching business. As Susan’s business has grown to include multiple programs, we have continued our work together. We’ve also worked with many of her clients (you’ll see some of them in our portfolio).

Project Involvement:
  • rebranding
  • creative strategy
  • logo design
  • brand extensions logo design
  • website (original) design/ production
  • illustration/ graphic elements
  • collateral design
  • social media images
Intentional Branding - branding and design - Susan Elford
Intentional Branding - client photo - Susan Elford

“I absolutely love working with Colleen. She is an essential partner in my business — my creative partner. I worked with Colleen Davis to create a brand for my coaching business — and it included many moving parts. I love everything Colleen has created — all aspects of my business flow together seamlessly. She’s so easy to work with — clear about expectations, pricing, and delivery. Plus, she understands me and my business so well that creative is right on, the first time. If you are looking to build a brand for your business that is professional, effective, and unique to you, look no further than Intentional Visibility.”

— Susan Elford
Alberta, Canada /

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