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Upward HR is a Calgary-based Human Resources consulting firm, specializing in Team and Individual Effectiveness, HR Solutions, and Facilitation for small- to mid-sized companies, not-for-profit and social enterprises. They help teams work better together by building a sense of belonging and engagement – and creating a space for their people to be valued for who they are and what they bring.

Intentional Visibility partnered with Pauline to update her brand to better communicate her services and offerings. Her website was a bit cold, corporate, and impersonal — not at all a reflection of her brand personality or her work. By updating her visual brand and incorporating a more personal tone in her messaging, her website and collateral better align with the professionalism, warmth, and value she provides.

Project Involvement:
  • logo update
  • brand messaging
  • website/ content strategy
  • website content creation and editing
  • website design
  • collateral design
  • social media images
  • project management
Intentional Branding - client - Upward HR
Intentional Branding - client testimonial - Upward HR

“I reached out to Intentional Visibility because my website felt too generic and wasn’t accurately conveying my services and offers. I wanted clearer messaging around how I help teams and individuals thrive in this new and changing world of work. Colleen helped me incorporate a tagline, updated my logo, fonts, and colour palette; then created a site that reflects my brand story in a way that’s in perfect alignment with what I do for my clients. If you’re looking to up your game, Colleen is responsive, flexible, smart, and fun to work with. She will help you build a brand that you love — and that will attract and connect with clients who want to pay you.”

—Pauline Greenidge / Upward HR
Alberta, Canada / UpwardHR.ca

Intentional Branding - portfolio - Upward HR

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