Need a Visibility Boost?

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This Is the Fast-Track DONE-FOR-YOU Solution to an Impactful Online Presence.

Are You a Newer Business Owner or an Experienced Entrepreneur Launching a New Program, Product, or Service — and You’re Looking To Establish a Strong Online Presence and Build Your List?

Introducing Expressed Visibility — Your Fast Path to Success

Our Expressed Visibility Done-For-You Service is meticulously designed for ambitious entrepreneurs like you. This is for you if you want to establish a powerful and memorable brand presence without a lot of time and effort on your part — AND without breaking the bank.

We KNOW, from working with hundreds of entrepreneurs like you, that creating content for your website or lead magnet can bottleneck the best of intentions.

So we do it for you!

How it Works:

Intentional Visibility - process - work/ assessment

1. Strategy Session

During this session, we’ll take a look at all things pertaining to your business and brand. Then we’ll get together via Zoom and have a conversation about your work, your clients, and your goals. NO HOMEWORK!! We may have a few follow-up questions — but other than that and your feedback on what we create for you, we really do everything for you!

Intentional Visibility - process - content creation and design

2. Content, Design, Production

We’ll create your content and build a site and lead magnet that will truly serve you — and CAPTIVATE your ideal clients.

Intentional Visibility - BIG PURPOSE-DRIVEN VISION

3. Delivery

Once the work is complete, we’ll meet to review your site and lead magnet — and make any last-minute changes. Once we have your final approval, we’ll upload it to your server, verify that everything is working, and “hand you the keys.”

Most times, we can complete work in as little as ONE WEEK (with your cooperation, of course!).

Intentional Visibility - WINS AND SUCCESSES

4. Client Support

You will receive a training video for your site. You’ll also have 30 days of access to office hours and Voxer/FB Messenger support — just in case you have questions.

We will also give you information and resources related to ongoing website support so that your investment stays safe and up-to-date.

Client Transformations:

“Colleen was able to tap into what I was feeling and trying to express, not necessarily what I was vocalizing. Thank you for being so easy to talk to, available and approachable. You’re officially my favorite American. 😊”

— Shastine Fischer | Alberta, Canada

“When I started working with Intentional Branding, I felt like I was blowing in the wind. I was so frustrated. Colleen’s ability to help someone see themselves clearly sets her apart from anyone in branding… all heart-centered entrepreneurs need to hire her!”

— Korina Felkers | Colorado, US

“Colleen listened, paid attention to all my idiosyncrasies, and brought peace from all the pieces running around in my head. She genuinely cares about me and my business. And now I have new clients as a Crisis Navigation Partner™!”

— Debra Woog | Massachusetts, US

Your Journey to Expressed Visibility Begins Here

Leave EVERYTHING to us. REALLY… we handle the entire process, from content creation to design and layout to production. You focus on your business… we’ll make you shine online!

Your Expressed Visibility Package Includes:

  • Brand Clarity: Step into your brand with confidence, knowing that your brand expression is professional, strategic, and designed to captivate your ideal client. We’ll guide you through an illuminating process that allows you to check in with who your brand is and how you show up.
  • Engaging Lead Magnet: Attract, engage, and convert your desired audience with a captivating 2-page lead magnet, crafted to showcase your expertise and set you apart as an authority in your field. Includes a “3D mockup” of your piece to easily promote it online. (Additional pages may also be added for a fee.)
  • Professionally Crafted Content: Our expert team will craft compelling content that persuasively conveys your brand message. Every word is carefully chosen to resonate with your audience and establish trust.
  • Visually Captivating Design: Watch your brand come to life with visually stunning design. We’ll create a lead magnet and website that will captivate your audience.
  • User-Centric Website: Confidently invite people to visit your beautifully crafted one-page website, designed with the user experience in mind. One-page site? Yes, and we assure you that your site will have clear and compelling information about you, your services, social proof (testimonials), space to promote your lead magnet, a strong call to action, and how to connect with you (including social links). We also ensure mobile responsiveness and seamless navigation (yes, you’ll have navigation)… creating an unforgettable online presence. PLUS, you will have an inside page template so you can add pages as your needs expand! (Or ask us to add additional pages for you.)
  • Lead Magnet Thank You Page: Keep your audience engaged and eager for more with a thoughtfully designed thank you page that reinforces the value of your lead magnet. 
  • Lead Magnet Follow-Up Sequence: Continue the momentum with a 3-email autoresponder series written for you. Just plug into your email marketing app, personalize further if you’d like, and schedule. Don’t have one or are not sure which one to get? We will happily make recommendations based on your needs.
  • Legal Policies Page: Build trust and ensure compliance with a legal policies page that safeguards your business interests (client-provided legal copy — if you don’t have that, we can recommend a great service for that). 
  • Plugins: We will install plugins for security, backup, and SEO (free versions — most have paid upgrades IF you want to upgrade; not necessary). (Note: This package does not include SEO configuration or content. We are happy to provide resources as requested.)
  • App Integration: We’ll integrate your site with your email marketing app AND your scheduler (as applicable). Don’t have them, or are not sure which one to get? We will happily make recommendations based on your needs.   
  • Training Video: We’ll send you a walk-through of the backend of your site — and provide instructions for changing and adding content and pages, configuring backups, and more. 
  • All of this… Delivered in 1–2 WEEKS!
  • 30 Days of Post-Project Support (via office hours and Voxer/ FB Messenger)

P.S. Need a Logo? Let’s chat… you may or may not NEED a logo (depends upon a variety of factors). If you decide you want a logo, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to our Brand VIP Intensive at more than 50% off!! Limited-time offer. 

Hi. I’m Colleen Davis.

I am a Visibility Strategist, Content Creator, UX Designer, Brand Manager, and Founder of Brand Essence: Persona-Based Branding.

Imagine… a brand that echoes your brilliance and attracts your ideal clients, effortlessly.

With a legacy spanning 25 years, I’ve mastered the art of crafting impactful brands. The magic lies in our approach — a fusion of strategic messaging and captivating visuals. We bridge the gap between who you are and how you’re perceived… and position your business in a way that makes you the DEFINITIVE CHOICE!


Website Examples…



  • User-Centric Website Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Site Content — Rewrite Existing Content (and create new)
  • Site Design + Image Creating and Curation
  • Site Production
  • We Created Branding/ Tagline/ Logo in 2013
  • See Live Site

Soulutions Hypnosis


  • User-Centric Website Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Site Content — Edit Client Content (and create new)
  • Site Design + Image Curation
  • Site Production
  • Update Logo/ Branding
  • See Live Site

Geoff Laughton


  • User-Centric Website Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Site Content — Edit Existing Content (and create new)
  • Site Design + Image Curation
  • Site Production
  • Additional Marketing Materials
  • Update Logo (we created branding/ logo in 2015)
  • See Live Site

Upward HR


  • User-Centric Website Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Site Content — Rewrite Existing Content (and create new)
  • Site Design + Image Curation
  • Creative Direction (production by external vendor)
  • Updated Logo
  • Additional Marketing Materials
  • See Live Site

Predictive Talent


  • User-Centric Website Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Site Content — Write content
  • Site Design + Image Curation/ Creation
  • Creative Direction (production by external vendor)
  • Additional Marketing Materials
  • See Live Site

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

So glad you asked! In a nutshell, this program is PERFECT for two kinds of people:

  • Those who are new-ish in their business, and want to have a strategic, aligned online presence and start connecting with their people NOW
  • Seasoned entrepreneurs who are launching a new program, product, or service, and want a stand-alone landing page and lead magnet just for that

You may fall into one of those categories — or maybe you’re somewhere in between.

Want to make sure it will work for you? Please schedule a call.

What is the primary benefit of this program?

One thing we’ve learned from working with hundreds of business owners… DELAYS HAPPEN. Whether it’s because you’re busy working with clients and don’t have time to dedicate to work ON your business (content and so forth), you have zero idea where to even begin, OR things come up in your personal life.

DELAYS AREN’T GOOD for you or your business. They can bring a stop to your momentum and success. << That is bad.

So, we remove that barrier. We ask for a few pieces of information, have a conversation with you about you, your business, your clients, and your brand — and then WE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING. Content. Design. Production. DONE. 

What’s not to love???

Not sure what you need or where to start? Let’s chat.

What is the investment?

The Expressed Visibility program, as listed above, is $2,500. Payment plans are available.

We can also customize this program specifically to fit your unique needs. Do you have your content but need a website and a lead magnet? We can help you. Do you need a logo and a bit more work on your brand? We can help you.

Let’s talk to make sure you get exactly what you need. Schedule your call here.

What if I don’t have any branding?

If you love everything about the Expressed Visibility program, and you’re hesitant because you don’t have your visual brand together, this can still work for you. Let’s start with a conversation. You may or may not need a logo — and you will receive support on gaining brand clarity. In addition, as part of this process, we will advise you on colors and fonts — and being that we are branding experts, we don’t just pull things out of a hat… everything is done with strategy, intention, and a splash or so of intuition.

If a logo makes sense for you, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to our Brand VIP Intensive for less than half of the standalone investment.

What if I have all my content written and ready to go — or I’m close and just need a bit of direction?

If you love everything about the Expressed Visibility program, and you’re hesitant because you already have your content and don’t need us to create it for you, that’s great! This may still work for you. You may even save some cash. Let’s start with a conversation.

How long is the process — from signup to completion?

The total process depends upon how quickly you can get on our calendar. Spots fill quickly so we’ll want to reserve your Intake Session as soon as you decide to move forward. From that point, we can generally get everything done for you within 1-2 weeks. Book a call now. 

How much time will I need to set aside to get this project done?

While we do all of the work for you, there will still be a few things we will need you for. Your Intake Session will take 60-90 minutes. You will need to gather a few things, including social media links, your brand guidelines (if you have them), and a few login credentials. And we always like to begin any branding project with our Brand Essence Quiz, which takes about 5 minutes. Aside from that, we may have a few questions and we will need your feedback on copy and design. That’s it. No workbooks to complete, no agonizing over a blinking cursor trying to come up with the right words. We do it all for you. 🎉 

Do you guarantee business results?

Your results will be directly related to your commitment and efforts. Our focus is on branding (message/ visuals), content, website, sales pages, marketing collateral, and social media — tools for you to utilize in building your business. Since we do not have control over how you use/ implement these tools, we cannot guarantee any level of sales or success in your business. 

How do I sign up?

Please schedule a call to make sure it’s right for you.

Ready to Supercharge Your Visibility and Income?

Position yourself as the definitive choice in your industry and begin attracting and connecting with your ideal clients now… at a very affordable investment. You can access this valuable DONE-FOR-YOU service, starting at just $2,500 USD (à la carte value: $5,000+). Payment plans are available.