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Easy Breezy Summer Special!

LEAD Magnet/ FREEBIE REVIEW + REDESIGN — done in ~2 days!

Sorry… you missed the special — but that doesn’t mean we can’t work together! 

Client Raves

“Now, because I have consistent messaging and visibility, I am seen as an expert and I consistently attract the right clients to my business. I’ve gone from making $6k per year to consistent six figures since elevating my brand with Intentional Branding.”

— Aimee Phlegar | Alabama, US

“I had my first $25,000 month during the launch of my new brand, and it began a multi-year trend of my business growing 30%, year over year. Intentional Branding has become an indispensable part of my team.”

— Geoff Laughton | Colorado, US

“I just cannot hide my enthusiasm! One amazingly elegant image that incorporates all of the foundational elements that are so crucial to convey. My business has doubled since creating my brand expression with Intentional Branding. I am eternally grateful!”

— Ronda Renée | Colorado, US

“I chose to invest in working with Intentional Branding because Colleen understands all facets of branding. It’s rare to find this combination of skill sets in one person. I highly recommend hiring Intentional Branding when you’re ready for a refresh or a new start.”

— Lisa Manyon | Oregon, US

Your Partner in Success…

Hi. I’m Colleen Davis. I am a Visibility Strategist, Content Creator, UX Designer, Brand Manager, and Founder of Brand Essence: Persona-Based Branding.

I’ve been elevating brands like yours for more than 20 years. MY SUPERPOWER is stepping into the heads and hearts of YOUR clients… so that your brand reflects your business’ superpower, connects with your clients, and builds your business.

My purpose is to empower entrepreneurs like YOU… entrepreneurs who have BIG IDEAS, small business owners who seek to make a DIFFERENCE… by helping you define and create a BRAND that expresses your BRILLIANCE… and then increasing your VISIBILITY by using YOUR VOICE to lift you from Unseen to Unforgettable!

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