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Here’s How We Can Work Together…

Need to focus on your brand, like yesterday? You know that having a brand that reflects your brilliance and captivates your clients is critical in today’s noisy world. And while it’s important, it can take a toll on your time AND your bank account.

That’s why our branding and design services begin with a Brand Intensive VIP Day. What it means for you… elevating your brand QUICKLY and getting back to business FAST.

During your VIP Day, we’ll look at how your brand is showing up and how it aligns with your business goals. Then we create/ tweak as necessary… messaging, colors, images, website, etc., so that your brand reflects where you want to be (total time depends upon deliverables). Our process is fast, effective, and painless. Really.

You’ve heard the saying, “dress for the job you WANT.” The same applies to your brand. Don’t delay your success. Let’s create a brand that reveals your brilliance, connects with your people, and positions you as the leader in your industry.

P.S. We’ll never leave you stranded… once your new branding is complete, we offer ongoing support — based on YOUR needs. 

Done-for-You VIP Day Options

Brand-in-a-Day VIP Day

Branding is NOT just your logo. It’s a way of being… how you’re perceived by others. And it can make a BIG difference in the success of your business. Your VIP Day begins with clarity around your ideal client, Brand Essence, positioning, and how you transform the lives of your clients (your magic) — and by the end of the day you’ll have your color palette, fonts, logo, image style and more! Investment is just $3000* and includes pre-VIP strategy session and post-VIP support.

P.S. If you need a name or tagline for your business (or you’re looking to make changes), we can help you with that as well.

P.P.S. Save $1000 when you invest in your Brand VIP Day and Website VIP Day together! 

Website-in-a-Day VIP Day

Website design, content, flow… all of it… can be overwhelming and SO time consuming. Let us help you create a content and organization plan, and then we’ll design and produce your 2-3 page site… IN ONE DAY! Yes, you will have a beautiful, on-brand, user-friendly and magnetic WordPress site… without sacrificing weeks or months and then hoping and waiting while your web person juggles clients and then finally gets around to yours. Need more pages? We’ll show you how to add them — or you can book more time with us. Investment is just $3000* and includes pre-VIP strategy session, writing/content guide, post-VIP support, and more.

P.S. Save $1000 when you invest in your Brand VIP Day and Website VIP Day together!  

* When you book a VIP Day, you’re investing in our time and expertise for that day. We DO guarantee completed creative strategy and logo design during the Brand-in-a-Day VIP Day — as long as your pre-work is complete and you’re fully available and collaborative during your VIP Day. For your Website-in-a-Day VIP Day, 2-3 pages (or more) can generally be accomplished, but we cannot guarantee number of pages due to unknowns regarding content, images, and layout. 

“I felt safe and seen with Colleen and her team — and as the visual expression of my brand unfolded and expanded, so did I.”

— Susan Mason-Apps

“I chose to invest in working with Colleen because she understands all facets of branding.”

— Lisa Manyon

“Colleen translated my vision beyond anything I could have imagined. She made me look like a superstar!”

— Lynn Rose

“I am very particular and specific about what I present to the world — and Colleen delivered.”

— Shastine Fischer

“Colleen listened, paid attention to all my idiosyncrasies, and brought peace from all the pieces running around in my head.”

— Debra Woog

If you’re just getting started — or looking for a deeper understanding of your brand, your clients, and how to really connect with your people… Brand Activation Lab is for you! And this is NOT just another program to add to your collection (let’s be honest — I, too, have a collection 😉).

In this LIVE TWO-DAY INTENSIVE, you’ll receive instruction and GUIDANCE… plus MANY opportunities for feedback and suggestions for your specific situation — from Colleen and from the group.


In just TWO DAYS…  

  • You’ll Discover & Expand Your Brand Essence so that you attract YOUR people and easily create a know, like and trust factor with them.
  • We’ll create clear, impactful messaging, including your Brand Manifesto, which will assist you in becoming crystal clear about your client and your magic. Plus, it will help you inspire your community to really CARE about your brand movement AND help you spread the word!
  • We’ll Map Out the Visual Expression of Your Brand so that you’re showing up in ALLLL of your BRILLIANCE, and in a way that builds you as the authority in your industry.
  • And, we’ll Plan Your Brand Reveal so that you’re UNFORGETTABLE… AND so that you can make the difference and income that you’re meant to!
  • Plus, you’ll get a post-event 1:1 Brand Activation Session with me, so you can get all of your questions answered, get additional feedback, and applicable resources. 

I promise that if you attend and participate, it will make a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in how you think about and present your brand to the world! And how you SHOW UP! Because showing up and being VISIBLE makes all the difference when it comes to finding and connecting with your ideal clients.

Brand Essence: Persona-Based Branding

Imagine creating a brand that attracts and connects with your ideal audience in a way that instantly builds trust and rapport — and makes your sales process easy and comfortable. By working with your Brand Essence, you’ll create a relatable, relevant, and timeless brand that will evolve with you and your business. That means you won’t have to reinvent the wheel, time and time again.

Whether you’re just getting started or have an established business, the key to creating a bigger impact and making more money is REACHING and CONNECTING with more of your people. And the easiest path is to create a brand that speaks DIRECTLY to them.

Using Brand Essence, simply stated, means creating an authentic and strategic persona for your business. It means giving your brand values, opinions, personality, voice. By making your business more HUMAN, you’ll naturally and easily stand out and attract your ideal clients … and stop wasting time on those who are not a good fit.

Understanding your Brand Essence and how to show up for your ideal clients will give you more confidence and help you position your business as the BEST option.

The GOOD NEWS is that you can apply Brand Essence at ANY level of business — and whether you have a logo and a website — or NOT!


What is your Brand Essence?